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Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Listen in as Jessica expands on the Becoming Proactive episode to spot light how self-care is overlooked. We learn by watching our parents and then as we go out into the real world our habits change. Sometimes those changes are improvements while other times convenience and avoidance puts a damper on our self-care regimens.

What do you say to convince yourself that certain habits are not important or can wait for the perpetual tomorrow? Are you waiting for the moment of crisis? Burnout? Or for a doctor to prescribe antidepressants because reacting to life is getting harder. When I stop to reflect on our system of healthcare and insurance and how it is not designed for prevention, I realize the responsibility is ours to ensure self-care habits are created and maintained.

Let's make a conscious effort to change together. We need to pour into ourselves for replenishment, recharging, and reprograming our minds, hearts, and soul. Jessica dives a little deeper on why self-care is not selfish as she shares her moments of how our heart space can make a world of difference on your caregiving journey.

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