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Jessica grew up aspiring to be a creative writer. Even though God placed this dream on her heart early in life, there was some necessary life training before publishing her first book. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a Certified Public Accountant license. After spending over 20 years as an accountant, Jessica received the calling to step away from the corporate world to become her mother’s full-time caregiver.


During the years of caring for her mother, who lives with bipolar manic-depressive disorder and mixed dementia, Jessica was given an insight into the eye of the emotional storm. This journey has ignited her childhood dream, leading her to become an author of The Proactive Caregiver and host of The Proactive Caregiver Podcast. She shares her journey to help other caregivers find empowerment and purpose with loving light for those stuck in the darkness of caring for their loved ones. Jessica resides in Texas, with her loving husband and sons.

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