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Positive Steps

As I began to research the different forms of Dementia Mom is now living with, I began to hear the term “step down” more so than declining. It is easier to visualize someone stepping down a flight of stairs than to understand what a step down in Dementia looks like.

From the time we attended the doctor’s appointment which we were given confirmation that our loved one is declining I began to mourn a woman I realized I barely knew. The challenge of how to survive or remain strong became a true struggle. Rather than falling too far into despair to step down with them we must learn to take new steps to rise to our calling and safe guard our own health and well being.

As you begin to gain a handle of what the many symptoms or signs of Dementia look like know that you are not alone even when this journey feels like no one else could possibly understand the pain and frustrations you face.

Accept we can do everything through HIM who gives us strength (Phil 4:13). Replace the initial response of “I can’t” with “I can, with your help.”

We may stumble as the weight of the world pushes against our will but no matter how far down we feel, we must continue to place one step at a time, steady, firmly, by trusting He knows what is better for us. Trust in His steps to keep you rising above the daily challenges, daily routines, daily disappointments, to lead you to daily joy and peace.

When you find yourself pausing, wondering how can I do this? How much more can I endure? Know this is your soul crying out for replenishment. Take the time to step out into nature to feel His magnificent energy. Place deliberate steps towards Him to surrender. Invite Him in to melt you, mold you, fill you, and use you.

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