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I wanted to share something that has helped me to step aside and take a different look within my caregiving journey and beyond. As a caregiver, I often speak about the stressful environments I care in but I have begun to recognize we do not all react to certain scenarios stressfully.

Have you ever thought about what type of Caregiver you are? I am not referring to the technical types such as the family caregiver, professional, independent, private, informal, or volunteer caregiver. No. This type is more centered on what motivates us personally. This is our Enneagram type. During my caregiving journey, my need to understand why this has happened to Mom with our family dynamics has led me to spiritual discovery. If you are on a similar journey or not quite sure then I ask you to listen in with an open mind.

Knowing our Enneagram style is helpful because it allows us to become more centered and develop or understand our personal preferences. It helps to know our own level of reactivity and what to do about it. More importantly, we can also learn about other people's reactivity and how best to respond in a proactive yet spiritual way.

Meet Jackie Borcherding Rylander. Jackie is a lifelong member of Riverbend Church, born and raised Austenite. A wife, mother of two young boys, criminal defense attorney, University of Texas lecturer, and teacher of God’s Word. For 10 years, she served as a prosecuting attorney in Williamson County. Since then, she has joyfully become the primary caretaker of her toddler and infant while starting her own defense practice. Jackie became fascinated by the Enneagram, which is an enlightening tool for understanding human motivations and personalities in all relationships. She now teaches varied audiences about it, including engineers, graduate students, young professionals, and adults at her church.

By understanding what drives and motivates you and your loved ones it can help to reduce stress as you learn and develop stronger or deeper relationships along your caregiving journey.

So which one are you?

1 - The Reformer (Rational, idealistic: principled, purposeful, self-controlled, perfectionist)

2 - The Caregiver (helper: demonstrative, generous, people-pleasing, possessive)

3 - The Performer (success-oriented, pragmatic: adaptive, excelling, driven, image-conscious

4 - The Individualists (Sensitive, withdrawn: expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed, temperamental,)

5 - The Investigator (Intense Cerebral type: perceptive, innovative, secretive, isolated)

6 - The Loyalists (Committed, security-oriented: engaging, responsible, anxious, suspicious)

7 - The Enthusiasts (Busy, Fun-Loving: spontaneous, versatile, distractible, and scattered)

8 - The Challenger (Powerful, dominating: Self-confident, decisive, willful, confrontational)

9 - The Peacemaker (Easygoing, Self-effacing: receptive, reassuring, agreeable, complacent)

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Intro: Vacation Time by Khris Paradise

Outro: Misty by Khris Paradise

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